Rajasthan – The land of colours is an ideal destination for vacations. Here travellers not only explore the rich culture, heritage, tradition and rituals of the state but also get in touch with various real stories of Maharajas. As the brave rulers of the state were regal, so people can also find the glimpse of royalty at different points. Be it the huge forts that reflects their luxurious life or mouthwatering cuisines, everything is royal. People on their royal Rajasthan tour will experience a number of popular cuisines that rulers of ancient time love to enjoy. Some traditional cuisines of the place just win the heart of travellers and make them amazed by the same.

Some of the popular dishes that you can relish on your Rajasthan tour are as follows:


• Dal Bati Churma

Rajasthan Cuisine

The very popular Dal Bati Churma is the most appetizing dishes that travellers will find at each and every destination of the state. It is a dish which comprises of Dal, Bati and Churma. The round bati dipped in the ghee with dal and churma makes it a mouth-watering cuisine. The combination of salt and sugar together makes it a unique dish which tastes awesome. It is one of the dishes, without which the Rajasthani food doesn’t complete.

• Laal Maas

Rajasthan Cuisine

Laal Mass gives a good competition to the Dal Bati Churma as it is a non-vegetarian dish. If Dal Bati Chruma stands at first position in vegetarian dishes, so laal maas stands at the first position in non-vegetarian dishes. Made in red chillies, this dish is quite spicy and served with bajra rotis. Travellers can also enjoy it with plain rice as it will not disappoint you. It is a nice crowd puller. So, enjoy it whenever you go on your Rajasthan tour.

• Mohan Maas

Rajasthan CuisineMohan Maas is a dish for those who avoid eating spicy non-veg. This dish is cooked in milk along with mild spices, so people can taste a different kind of non-veg dish. It has thick gravy which comprises of diverse flavours including khus-khus, lemon and cardamom. The taste of this non-veg is quite different from others and leaves the taste buds with a noteworthy experience.

• Rajasthani Kadhi

Rajasthan Cuisine

Kadhi is one of the popular dishes of India which is mostlycooked in Northern region of India. But, Rajasthani kadhi is a bit different as it gives a kick start to the taste buds with its spicy and pungent flavour. It has deep fried besan balls called “Pakoda”, which is favourite of all Kadhi lovers. It is served with chapattis as well as rice. It has a bright yellow colour that tempts everybody.

• Methi Bajra Poori

Rajasthan CuisineBajra is the favourite flour of Rajasthani, hence its usage is high in comparison to any other flour. Methi Bajra Poori is a yummy snack that is served with hot and spicy aaloo ki sabji and boondi raita. People can also enjoy this snack with chatni, which will add more flavour in it. This snack not only keeps people content but certainly gives a full diet. One must enjoy it.


• Pyaaz KachoriRajasthan Cuisine

Pyaaz Kachori is a common pastry that you can find at every snack shop. This is a morning breakfast for many people. It is made of onions, potato and spices and served with tamarind chutney. People can enjoy this snack with hot tea which will add more taste into this breakfast.

• Aam ki Launji

Rajasthan CuisineAam ki Launji is made of raw mangoes which has thick gravy that is a blend of sour and sweet taste. In this launji, chunks of mangoes are added to make it more tasty and yummy. It is a perfect heat beater that keeps the travellers fit and fine in the hot summer expedition. It keeps the people enjoy its taste all through their journey.

After enjoying a variety of dishes, people have a wide range of choices in Rajasthan’s popular sweets such as follows:


• Mohanthal

Rajasthan Cuisine

Mohanthal is one of the best sweets of Rajasthan that leaves a grainy flavour in the mouth. Made of Besan and desi ghee, this sweet has a brown colour and chewy texture that makes it everyone’s favourite. People can also enjoy the nutty flavour in it you can enjoy the almond bites in between the sweet.

• Ghevar

Made of paneer, flour, ghee and sugar syrup, this sweet is Rajasthan Cuisineprepared. It comes in a variety and people as per their choice can get it. Some of them are named as Plain Ghevar, Malai Ghevar and Mava Ghevar. Each of these ghever has a sweet and relishing taste that makes your taste buds feel soothing. This is one of the important sweets of Rajasthan and without this sweet no special ceremony gets complete.


• Balushahi

Balushahi is again as a sweet dish of Rajasthan which isRajasthan Cuisine very popular. Made of pure ghee and sugar syrup, this yummy sweet easily melts in the mouth and gives an awesome taste to the taste buds. It will make you feel complete and done with lunch or dinner. It truly gives magic to the people.

• Badam ka Halwa

Badam ka Halwa is a childhood buddy that always keeps Rajasthan Cuisinethe kid warm in winters. Made of suji, sugar, ghee and badam, this halwa is favourite to many people. The sugary taste of this amazing dish makes it yummy and leaves taste buds with more desire of having it.

Rajasthan state is filled with a number of variety, be it sightseeing or yummy cuisines, travellers have a wide range of choice to pick the best one as per their taste. The state serves both kinds of meal vegetarian and non-veg, so travellers belongs to both preferences will not face any difficulty in enjoying the meal there. So, make your tour to Rajasthan as soon as possible.

Rajasthan’s Mouth Watering Cuisines

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