Rajasthan – The land of king is a kaleidoscope and to experience it amazingly, one has to take out some good time out of their busy schedule and then it is possible. Apart from exploring a number of amazing destinations of the state, there are many more things to see, do and experience there. So, would you like to know that what are the things that you can enjoy at Rajasthan apart from exploring destinations? So, here are the below mentioned things that you can enjoy:

Choki Dhani – Jaipur

Things to Do and See in Rajasthan

To enjoy every aspect of Rajasthan, you can begin it with Choki Dhani. Choki Dhani is one of the best ethnic resorts of Rajasthan that appeals to travellers. Here tourists can experience the heart-touching authentic Rajasthani hospitality. Choki Dhani of Jaipur city enables the travellers to experience the delicious Rajasthani cuisines alongwith traditional milk made drinks. The cuisine of this place is being served in the authentic utensils of earlier times. Apart from cuisines, drink, you can also enjoy the cultural show that is being performed by the artists. It is one of the perfect places that represent the Rajasthani hospitality.

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Gypsy Snake Dance – Jodhpur

Things to Do and See in Rajasthan

As Rajasthan is quite popular for it folk dance and music so, people at Jodhpur can enjoy it thoroughly. Travellers can witness the Gypsy snake dance which is performed by a nomadic tribe called Kalbeliya. The beautiful performance of the tribe along with the man who defang the snake makes this activity quite amazed and enjoyable. It is one of the best times of travellers in Jodhpur.

Camel Breeding Farm – Bikaner

Things to Do and See in Rajasthan

Camel Breeding farm is a place that enables the travellers to enjoy the camel ride. The cool breeze of Bikaner city makes the travellers enjoy amazingly. Travellers will also get to know about some research that takes place on camels, which will surely connect you this giant and calm animal. Apart from indulging in the activity of camel riding, people can also enjoy ice cream made of camel’s milk. The visiting time of this farm is 10AM to 10PM. It is one of the best experiences that travellers on their Rajasthan tour enjoy.

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Dune Bashing – Jaisalmer

Things to Do and See in Rajasthan

As like enjoying houseboat at backwaters, dune bashing is one of the enjoyable activities that travellers can enjoy by jeep. It is an adventurous activity, in which travellers destroys the sand dunes and enjoy the adventure. The desert in the air due to your drive makes you feel amazed. One must enjoy it.

Elephant Polo – Jaipur

Things to Do and See in Rajasthan

Travellers who want to feel like a prince or king, they must enjoy elephant ride in Jaipur. Apart from elephant ride, people must enjoy elephant polo activity in which you play polo sitting on the back of elephant. The elephants are trained for the game and they help you play well. It is truly an unparalleled experience for you.

Speed Boating – Fateh Sagar Lake, Udaipur

Things to Do and See in Rajasthan

Travellers on their Udaipur journey can enjoy the splash of water with a high speed boat at Fateh Sagar Lake. You can experience this wonderful activity all through the year in a given time i.e. 8AM to 4:30PM. In the hot climate of Udaipur, it is a nice activity that brings cheers on your face.

Puppet Show – Thar Heritage Museum, Jaisalmer

Things to Do and See in Rajasthan

Among numerous activities, travellers can also enjoy the world famous puppet show of India at Thar Heritage Museum, Jaisalmer. It is a private museum in which this activity takes place every evening. It is a wonderful skill by which the Rajasthani performers win the heart of travellers and makes them stop to watch the show again. It is truly amazing and impressive.

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Trekking – Mount Abu

Things to Do and See in Rajasthan

Travellers at Mount Abu will get a chance to enjoy trekking. Here travellers have to decide that which kind of trek they would love to enjoy as there are three types of treks including half day, full day and overnight treks. During the overnight trek, travellers can also get a chance to spot various wild species, which is again a wonderful experience for the travellers.

Zip Lining and Flying Fox – Mehrangarh Fort

Things to Do and See in Rajasthan

To add some adventure on your Rajasthan tour, you can experience the zip lining and flying fox. Tourists can enjoy this trekking at Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur. If want to enjoy at a short distance then Neemrana Fort is good for you. This is again a different experience that travellers can enjoy.

Horse Riding – Mount Abu

Things to Do and See in Rajasthan

Riding a horse at Mount Abu is an amazing experience for the travellers. Nakki Lake at Mount Abu enables the travellers to enjoy the horse riding and capture the amazing view of the time. It brings a royal feeling to the travellers.

Kite Festival – Jodhpur

Things to Do and See in Rajasthan

Hindu’s very popular Makar Sankranti is one of the best times of Rajasthan where travellers can enjoy thoroughly. It is widely popular as the kite festival in which a number of kite lovers participate and fly their kites in the blue sky and have fun throughout the day. Music, dance, delicious eatables all together makes the festival amazing for local people and travellers from all over the world.

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Hot Air Ballooning – Pushkar, Jaipur and Ranthambore

Things to Do and See in Rajasthan

If want to fly in the royal air, you must experience hot air ballooning at Pushkar, Jaipur and Ranthambore. Get onto this hot air balloon and explore the panoramic view of the land of kings and breathe in the fresh air. Capture the most picturesque view from a height and make it a memorable experience of your life.

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Bhangarh Fort – Alwar

Things to Do and See in Rajasthan

Travellers who want to add a bit of thrill in their journey, they must visit Bhangarh fort of Alwar as this is India’s most haunted fort. You can visit during day time to find hundreds of stories in context of the thrill. Local people of the place will let you know how spooky this fort is.

All these activities on your Rajasthan Tour Package will certainly bring you a wonderful experience and you will surely love to visit the place again.

13 Things To Do, See and Enjoy in Rajasthan

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